Why Silicone Rings And Who Are They For

Why Silicone Rings And Who Are They For


Silicone rings where created as an alternative to traditional metal rings usually used as wedding bands.

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People who have an active life style or work in an environment that wearing a metal ring is not an option because comfort or danger to their finger reasons usually will not wear a ring when they are being active or when they are at work, now with silicone rings, doesn't matter what type of job you have or how active you are, you can always wear your silicone ring comfortably and safely!

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Any one can and should wear a silicone ring if they want to feel that their finger is safer and more comfortable, in more derails silicone rings are:

Durable: Great for work environments or professionals that are hard on your fingers like construction, police officer, firefighter, body builder, electrician, coding, and much more.

Flexible: Great for situations where fingers swell or shrink do to being very active at the gym or at work or any where, being pregnant, and being sensitive to weather change. 

Safe: Ring avulsion is a main concern to people who are wearing metal rings. usually ring avulsion happens when your ring is a little loos and it catches on a corner or something sharp pulling on the tendons and skin on your finger. This can end up being a serious injurie and even in some rare cases a loos of a finger.

Hypoallergenic: If you have sensitive skin then silicone rings are perfect for you.  Most Silicone rings are made from FDA approved food grade silicone that is hypoallergenic as well, some people are allergic to some materials that are mixed in the traditional metal rings and that prevents them from wearing a metal ring. Anyone can wear a silicone ring and not worry about allergic reactions.

Comfortable: A silicone ring will fit on a flinger like a glove on a hand, much more comfortable then any traditional metal or nontraditional metal rings in the market.

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With time silicone will stretch and if anyone is telling you it won't then they are lying, I recommend getting a half to one size smaller then what you will wear if it was a metal ring.

Wearing a silicone ring for more then 3 days will result in a pruney finger which happens because of accumulation of moisture in the space between the finger and the silicone, some companies say that they have created a ring that has channels of air that prevents it, that is not true, the only thing that the air channels can do is just delay your finger turning pruney but not prevent it, I recommend taking the ring of and letting your finger breath when its possible  

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